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Wed, Apr. 27th, 2005, 04:39 pm

oh yeah!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good..haha. ladies...just call me...bond. james bond. i make awesome secret plans that work. i got our syrupy sara and scrumtious shawn together!!! with the help of josh and peircon of course. and we also have a secret accomplice who must not be named...hmmm...i had the idea to get me and josh, kaily, sara and shawn to go to the movies together. then shawn says he will buy saras ticket and he will get tickets for him and her to a DIFFERENT movie. YEAH!!!!! sso shawn carries out the plan and asks her out. so now they r GOING OUT YALL! whoo hoo. AND we were over at the andersons watching movies and me and josh snuck out and called pay-pays cell cause he was at shawns. we got them to come over then. that was....either friday or saturday i dont remember. yeah and shawn was so freakin happy..it was hilarious. peircon walks in with a HUGE smile cause he helped out our plan. shawn was also psyched cause he gave her a kiss good bye. lol. damn he has liked her for sooooo freaking long. he like fucking loves her or something i swear. hes quiting smoking his cigs for her and everything. he started shaking today in 1st cause of that...damn. not many people know it but i smoke too and i dont know if id be able to quit. let alone just for a girl cause you know you probably wont be going out still a couple months later. seems like a waste to me. anyway im done now. bye

Thu, Mar. 24th, 2005, 08:08 pm
yeah baby

guess what yall?? i dyed my hair...only peircon kaily and jake have seen it...its awesome...a new thing for spring break baby. its blonde now...i uploaded a pic on here of it in case you haven't noticed or something...dont i loook cool? im in my pimping shades and everything....yeah girls...im irresistable now. so its not your fault if u cant help making out with me all teh time. i cant blame u...i mean come on...take a look at my sexy self. i would want to make out with me too.

Fri, Mar. 18th, 2005, 06:16 pm
kajsdhkajsdh omfg!!!

alkhdpiouerkljaslkdjlaksjdlakjsdpoweiasklj aklsjd alskdjalseuio nczxm,cnhkj alskdj!!!!!!!! and omg!!!!!!!!! it was soooo awesome!!! totally radical dude!!!!!!!! yadaydayadayadayadayadayadad....o and kdjhkie koiwe iwun iojhn liun xl iu loieoiu oiu fn. and THEN she yueoqeit eut pwioriyu bmlplx asiufgh oiu[ poiumn@# and i was all *#@^*#$@!&#%? and it wus all like....WHOA DUDE!!!!!!

[end of random journal entry]

Sat, Feb. 12th, 2005, 10:23 am
ya ya ya

hmmmm well turns out aubrey is friends with "this heather bitch" lol talk about the luck right? she got pissed cuz i was taking, and i quote, "ur just taking that damn bitch saras side to make me mad arent u?" omg...where do chicks get off thinkin that everything u do, say or think has something to do with pissing them off? i dont get it damnit!! well ya we got in an arguement about whether or not wut she thought was correct and we ended up dumping each other. i dont neccessarily know who dumped who...we just kind of...both broke up with each other at the same time. damn and she cleans up quick. an hour later shes walkin down the hall and some senior named boe had his arm round her...lol but who gives u know?

Thu, Feb. 3rd, 2005, 08:20 pm
uh huh

lmao man....this bitch heather is screwing up everything at school. shes my ex gf. shes the devils own. shes spreading these lies bout sara sayin shit bout haily. now c sara didnt say anything. heathers just a bunch a lies. now sara, haily and heather r all going at it. sara beat the shit out of heather already so im not worried bout her. to tell u the truth im kinda worried bout heather...sara was soooooooo pissed. i dont think shes ever been this pissed b4. and thats sayin a lot cuz when sara gets mad she always gets really mad...lol my dad says it like this, "that sara friend of urs has a hair temper i tell u wat..." omg my dad is so cheesy...lol now i sound cheesy....damnit. ok yall ill leave now...the movies was awesome...me and aubrey...o man. lol o ya the a movie was good 2.

Fri, Jan. 28th, 2005, 03:55 pm
dum da da dum da da daaaaaaaa daa...lol

im going to the movies wit aubrey tonight. wuts gettin really annoying is guys keep comin up to me and askin me if im goin out wit aubrey day. im like yaaa...then they always be like DAMN...she hot and shit....i already know shes hot...wut do they think im blind or somthing? any way peircon u know i beat u at prince of pergia(or however u spell that) u have trouble addmitting when ur whipped. and i also beat u in the return of the king. i got a whole lot further then u did adn u still try to claim the win. that aint right man...u need to play sara in madden 2005 on ps2. u try to say u beat her when she actually beat u she go crazy on ur ass....lol she wont let u get by wit it...last time i played her she had the buccs and i had the pats..she beat me 35 to 21. lol after we turned of the ps2 josh came back in and asked who won and i said i did...lmao she got all phsyco chick on me. i hadnt known we were playin on her dynasty or wutever its called so she had it saved...all she had to do wuz turn it back on and look into her files. lol she hit me after that then..the middle of my back is still sore...lol jus dont try it. o and dont try it wit kaily either...lol she get josh on ur ass. its really freaky that they can tell when the other one is lieing. he jus looks her in the eye and she say she tellin truth and he goes ok kailys not lieing. its awesome dude. alright bye fols..

-ronnie mark

Mon, Jan. 24th, 2005, 08:48 pm
im a balla baby...lmao wtf?

wassup people??? lol my friend josh told me that my girlfriend wanted me to make one of these soooo...ta da!! but i dont really know wut to put on this thing...hmmmm maybe i could start with who my girlfriend is. her name is Aubrey Lenea Day. shes probly gonna kill me for putting her middle name on this online thing. lol o well...she put my first name on hers...and thats jus not right. my first name is ronnie. wut kinda people name theyre son Ronnie Mark Gilbert??? i mean...dang. come on. well i guess its cus my dads name is ronnie. but at least everyone calls him big ronnie. but when people who know my dad are talkin bout me they always call me ronnie mark. its annoying. anyway now that u know wut i dont like to be called...Oooo the bus ride today was too funny. sara almost faught this chick again. she was all up in her face sayin "y the fuck u talk to me like that?" "i dont give a shit wut u think of me" then when this girl said "u know its people like u that make me have a problem with living in hendo' or nc or even the united states.." (dumb right?) sara goes "then y dont u pick up ur ass and take ur problems to fucking australia?" lol it was hilarious. that chick didnt no wut to do after that. u could tell she was afraid of sara. sara told her ass OFF! ya but i think thats all 4 2day folks

-ur markie boy